Little Notes 


Little Notes is designed to give children four months to five years old an introduction to music that is fun and engaging! Singing original and classic songs, playing instruments, and dancing with creative movements, children are exposed to key musical concepts while developing motor skills. Each student is accompanied by a family member or caregiver whose guidance makes the class even more exciting and rewarding. Families have an opportunity to build a supportive, educational community around music making!

Instructor and Little Notes course designer, Dr. Glenda Bates, is a creative and enthralling teacher who will bring music to life for your little ones! She has been designing and teaching preschool music classes with Performing Arts Workshop in San Francisco for five years, and is also a teacher with Music for Aardvarks. Glenda is thrilled to share her own original children's music along with blues and folk standards in this fun new class!

Semester (11 weeks/classes) (45 min classes)

Wednesdays 6:30pm-7:15pm (Starting Jan. 30th)

When you purchase a semester package

$220 for the entire semester ($20 per class). The price will be prorated if semester has already began.

When you purchase one class at a time

$25 per class when purchasing one class at a time. (walk-ins accepted but space is limited so it is recommended to reserve a spot or call for availability)