Group Classes

Group class take place once a week for 8 consecutive weeks. Group classes are not eligible for makeup lessons. There is a minimum enrollment requirement of 4 students for every class. Refunds will be issued in the event that a class is below the 4-student requirement.

Piano I

This class is designed for beginning piano students with little to no music theory knowledge. Students will learn the fundamentals of piano and the fundamentals of music theory from both a classical and jazz perspective. Lessons will be taught using exercises and a series of familiar songs so that all musical knowledge given is applicable and relevant. Students will finish this class upon completing a project and performance showcasing everything learned during this course. This performance will consist of one song they learned in the class as well as one song they composed themselves using what they learned.

*There are no prerequisites for this class.

Mondays 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm

August 26th - October 14th

Piano I & II instructor - Jabari Ali

Piano I & II instructor - Jabari Ali

Piano II

Piano II is designed for beginning intermediate piano students with some knowledge of music theory. This class builds off of the curriculum in Piano I. We will focus on learning advanced harmony through jazz songs and seventh chords. Students are also introduced to improvisation and composition.

Mondays 5:00 pm - 5:45 pm

August 26th - October 14th

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